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News: POPL 2008 Most Influential Paper Award
10 Jan 2018

The paper Multiparty asynchronous session types by Kohei Honda, Nobuko Yoshida, and Marco Carbone, published in POPL 2008 has been awarded the ACM SIGPLAN Most Influential POPL Paper Award today at POPL 2018.

The prestigious award is “presented annually to the author(s) of a paper presented at the POPL held 10 years prior to the award year […] judged by their influence over the past decade”.

The citation for the paper:

Session types are a type-based framework for codifying communication structures and verifying protocols in concurrent, message-passing programs. Previously, session types could only model binary (two-party) protocols. This paper generalizes the theory to the multiparty case with asynchronous communications, preventing deadlock and communication errors in more sophisticated communication protocols involving any number (two or more) of participants. The central idea was to introduce global types, which describe multiparty conversations from a global perspective and provide a means to check protocol compliance. This work has inspired numerous authors to build on its pioneering foundations in the session types community and has initiated many applications of multiparty session types in programming languages and tools. It has also influenced other areas of research, such as software contracts, runtime verification and hardware specifications.

POPL 2008 Most Influential Paper Award

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