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22 Mar 2022

MEng student, Zak Cutner, awarded Microsoft Prize and Distinguished Project award.

6 Aug 2021

Nobuko Yoshida, with Francisco Ferreira and Adam D. Barwell, conducted an interview with the CONCUR Test-of-Time Award winners, Uwe Nestmann and Benjamin C. Pierce. The full interview can be found here

24 Mar 2021

Eva passed her viva today, congratulations Dr. Graversen!

9 Nov 2020

Professor Nobuko Yoshida has been chosen to receive a Suffrage Science award, celebrating the achievements of women in STEM.

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24 Feb 2020

The paper ‘Compiling First-order Functions to Session-Typed Parallel Code’, by David Castro-Perez and Nobuko Yoshida, has won the best paper award at the 29th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Compiler Construction.

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11 Apr 2019

The paper ‘Language primitives and type discipline for structured communication-based programming’ by Kohei Honda, Vasco T. Vasconcelos and Makoto Kubo, has received the ETAPS 2019 Test-of-Time Award.

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17 Jul 2018

The paper ‘A fully abstract game semantics for general references’ by Samson Abramsky, Kohei Honda and Guy McCusker, has received the LICS Test-of-Time Award.

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4 Apr 2018

Francisco passed his viva today, congratulations Dr. Ferreira!

8 Mar 2018

MRG members Rumyana Neykova and Nobuko Yoshida organised a successful tutorial on Improving security with reversibility and session types at the International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO2018) in Vienna, Austria.

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