π-calculus, Session Types research at Imperial College

Static Deadlock Detection for Go
GolangUK 2016, 17-19 Aug 2016

Go’s concurrency features differ from mainstream programming languages in that they are based on the high-level and formal model of CSP (or process calculi) by Tony Hoare in 1978. Over the years, a large body of research work was developed for understanding concurrency based on process calculi, but rarely applied directly in programming languages. I will talk about a static analyser we developed for detecting deadlocks in Go, inspired by a research area which gives “types” to process calculi. In a nutshell, the tool infers “types” for communication between goroutines from Go source code, then construct a bird’s eye view of all communication (also called choreography or global graph) possible at runtime, through which deadlocks and communication problems are discovered.

This talk will focus on the work-in-progress aspects of the tool. No knowledge of CSP/process calculi are needed but some understanding of concurrency in Go and static analysis concepts are expected.

Date 17 Aug 2016 - 19 Aug 2016