π-calculus, Session Types research at Imperial College

Principles and practice of session types

Tutorial at POPL 2014, January 2014

Session types have gone a long way since their introduction in the nineties. They are now to be routinely found on programming languages, on protocol description languages, associated with security issues, and web services. But what are session types? Presented by lead scientists on the field, this tutorial introduces the principles and the practice of a instrument that can no longer be dissociated from concurrent and distributed programming. Attendees will be exposed to the basic theory of session types, and will then be made to exercise the ideas with concrete tools used in educations and industries.


At the end of the tutorial attendees will know what session types are, the different realms on which they may be useful, and how can they be used in disciplining concurrent and distributed computations. They will also become acquainted with two different tools, taken from a wide range of such applications currently available. Attendees will then be able to incorporate the concepts in the theory of session types into their own research.